Vanilla Ice is buying homes in Florida

Even Vanilla Ice is buying homes to fix then flip. It looks like Moms, Dads, and rap singers are buying homes in Florida to fix and flip. If you are looking
for a home to buy in Tampa Bay Florida then enter your email address.

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Get your discounted homes here.

We are the fastest growing wholesalers in Tampa Bay, FL. If you are a rehaber or landlord looking for a great deal on a home, then please enter your email address to the right. You will get on our list and be notified every time we have a discounted property for sale. You will also receive many of the newest investing stategies in the new market. We will also send you resources about efficient ways to rehab a property. We will also send you tips and tricks on how to find and keep a tenant. We have a team in place helping us find all the best deals throughout Pinellas, Hillborough, and pasco counties. We will also give you ideas on how to outsource your business so you work less and make more money. go ahead and submit your email address

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How to buy a fixer upper house in Tampa Bay, FL

It usually is very tough to buy a fixer upper house using conventional financing. The lender wants to see that the house is liveable. If the house has broken windows, torn up flooring, non working heat,the lender will not want to finance that house. You will need either cash or a hard money loan to purchase a major fixer upper type of house. Hard money lenders have guidelines on maximum loan to value when lending their money. The highest loan to value that a hard money lender will go up to is 70% ltv. This figure includes the purchase price and cost of repairs. I will only sell houses that are under 70% of value including repairs. I will list my newest deal under the tab “newest fixer upper deal”

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I am helping people increase their wealth

It is a great time to increase your net wealth and cash flow. You should read as much as posible about real estate investing so that you are prepared for everything.

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We are a fast growing wholesale company

We realize that there are alot of big name wholesalers in the Tampa Bay area. Most real estate investors have heard of Preston Ely so I would think he has a big presence in the real estate investor community of Tampa Bay. I do know that there are an over abundunce of bank owned, and short sale homes. We also know that there are many homeowners facing foreclosure so we hope to stop many foreclosures for these homeowners. We will be helping these homeowners out by wholesaling their homes before the bank auctions them off. If you want to get notified every time that we have a great deal, please enter your email address.

It is up to us to slow down the number of bank owned homes. We dont need lenders to be the majority owners of homes.

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